All about Gin

Here at The Leafy Elephant, we welcome you to an enchanted botanical garden full of the best aromas and flavours from around the world of gin.

With over 200 gins on display from over 25 different countries, our mixologists will be able to guide you through our 14 different styles of gin and make you the perfect drink.

Accompanying our gins, we have over 20 different mixers and 30 garnishes which have been beautifully paired with each gin to give you the ultimate perfect serve.

Alternatively, pick your favourite, build your own unique drink or simply tell us what you like and we will inspire you.

Our full Gin Book is only available in the bar but click on any of the pictures on this page to find out more about the gins we have in that category.

The tonic to my gin

20 different tonics  to choose from

Tonic, just like gin, started life as a medicine. The quinine bark was dubbed as a healing tree and famously cured King Charles II on its way to becoming more valuable than gold. It was not until quinine was used as a cure for malaria that we start to get closer to the birth of tonic. Soldiers were ordered to take quinine and masked the bitter taste by adding sugar and water. Luckily one day, someone added gin to the tonic and the rest as they say...

Tonic usually makes up around 60%-80% of a gin & tonic so it is worth getting right. The tonic should pull out and enhance the botanicals in the gin, complementing the flavour profile, and bring the drink together. We have paired each of our gins with what we believe is the best tonic possible, regardless of brand or marketing appeal. For us, it's all about the drink.

A little garnish

30 garnishes to pull out the flavour

Long gone are the days when a gin & tonic was served with a wedge of lime and perhaps a slice of lemon if you were lucky. The range of gins and list of botanicals has grown enormously and the garnish we put with it should complement and draw out the flavours that the distiller is trying to promote.

We have a fresh range of garnishes from raspberries to sage, pink grapefruit to pink peppercorns -  our mixologists will pair the best combination with your chosen gin. Alternatively, experiment with different combinations or tell us your favourite garnishes and we can build you a drink to match.

Don't forget the ice

Bad ice will spoil even the best drink

The last part to the perfect gin & tonic is the ice. Now you might think that ice doesn't matter, it merely keeps the drink cold and it does the job. Well, we think about ice slightly differently.

We use purified distilled water for every drink we make. Having clear, pure ice is important so as not to distort the flavour within the drink. Additionally, small ice cubes melt quickly, dilute your drink and can quash the flavour. You are supposed to be drinking a gin & tonic, not a gin & water. 

If it looks good, chances are it will taste good. Large blocks of crystal clear ice rattling around a Coppa Ballon glass just looks perfect to us.

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