Blind Tiger gin review

Blind Tiger - Piper Cubeba is a gin from the Deluxe Distillery in Belgium. The name stems from prohibition and their key botanical is extremely unique; so let's find out what this has in store, how we pair it and where you can buy it.

Where does the name Blind Tiger come from?

The team have named their gin on the experience of avid gin drinkers during prohibition. Speakeasies would entice punters in by the lure of seeing a grand and unusual blind Tiger in a back room. By all accounts there were no real Tigers involved and the whole thing was a lure to sell illegal alcohol.

Punters would buy a ticket and be greeted with free gin cocktail or shot upon their viewing.

What is Piper Cubeba?

Piper Cubeba, or Cubeb is a plant cultivated for its fruit and oil. The fruit it produces looks a lot like black pepper and to taste is a mix between all spice and black pepper. This fruit is a key botanical in this gin and unique in using it. This Blind Tiger gin is naturally therefore an aromatic and spicy forward gin but it is fairly rounded.

Tasting notes

The malted barley they use is as unusual as the Piper Cubeba and it holds everything together through the gin. It brings out the floral notes which is complemented by the presence of lavender which comes to the fore midway through the palate.

It is balanced between aromatic and floral but you will still pick up orange citrus which we enhance with the garnish.

The peppery notes and some classic juniper appear late and it extremely flavoursome throughout.

The perfect serve G&T

We serve this gin with Double Dutch Skinny tonic. The lightness of this tonic is perfect as the gin itself carries a lot of bold flavour and we don't need to change that at all or add any sweetness. We elevate the citrus by adding dehydrated orange and the freshness with mint.

You can buy this gin as a whole perfect serve set with tonics and garnish online here.

Find out more with our 2 minute tasting video

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