Dingle gin review

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

The winner of The World's Best gin 2019, this floral gin from the corner of Ireland is something very special indeed. Watch our 2 minute tasting review below and learn everything about this beautiful gin, how we serve it and add it to your collection at home through our shop.

A big gin from a small town!

The small town of Dingle sits on the Atlantic coastline in the South West of Ireland. A small town where everyone knows everyone and they support each other in their endeavours to enhance Dingle and the local community. You won't find a bar or pub near Dingle that doesn't stock their gin and whiskey!

Keeping it local!

Anyone that knows us here in The Leafy Elephant will know that we are huge advocates of supporting local business and keeping things as local as possible. Dingle gin is no different and we love that!

Their key botanicals in this gin all come from the surrounding areas around the distillery, including rowan berry, bog myrtle, heather and hawthorn. They also use water from a well directly under their distillery! It doesn't get more local than that!

Tasting notes

There is a clear emphasis on quality in this gin with not only the ingredients but how clean it is to taste. On the nose you will definitely pick up juniper first. This is a classic London Dry gin so the juniper comes through early but is supported by floral notes. Not a huge citrus presence here both neat and in a G&T and the notes that these local ingredients combine to is a mixture between mint and fennel.

The Perfect Serve

The winner of The Best Gin 2019 deserves only a great tonic. 1724 is a clean, fresh and delicate tonic that allows the botanicals in this gin to shine through perfectly. We pair this with dehydrated orange just to balance out the floral notes a touch and juniper berries to enhance that classic London Dry feel as any true gin lover will love this gin.

Where to buy Dingle Dry gin?

We sell this on our online shop as a perfect serve set with 6 bottles of 1724 tonic and a large bag of garnish for you to create this at home and add it to your collection. Just head over to our online shop here and we will send it straight to your door.

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