How to make the perfect Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini’s first became popular back in the late 80’s and 90’s when vodka was all the rage in and around London. Today, the recipe has expanded and it doesn’t have to be vodka based. We show you three ways to make the perfect espresso martini.

1. A double shot of coffee. This seems like a good place to start for an espresso martini. Try and use a medium roast coffee so it is not too bitter and the darker and richer the coffee, the better and more flavoursome it will be. Add 60ml to a shaker (a large nespresso will do the trick).

2. Next, add to the shaker your choice of spirit. We serve three versions in The Leafy Elephant depending on your taste, vodka based, gin based and rum based. This is how you choose which is right for you:

a) Vodka – this will give you the highest coffee flavoured espresso martini as the spirit brings the least taste to the table. If we are picking straws, a rice based vodka will give a slightly creamier finish but any will do.

b) Dark rum – this will give you a slightly sweeter espresso martini. Try Gosling for a vanilla hint and Bacardi for a more caramel feel.

c) In the bar, we use X-Gin as our base for this drink as this gin is distilled with cocoa nibs and it adds chocolate character to the martini. And, of course, without gin, it isn’t really a martini! If you don’t have X-Gin, then a classic London Dry is a good alternative or you could experiment with a blood orange or even a raspberry gin as these complement the coffee beautifully.

Once you have decided on your spirit, you want to add 37.5ml to your shaker.

3. Now add a 20ml helping of Tia Maria. This adds a slight sweetness and enhances the coffee flavour; very important!

4. Next is your vanilla syrup or sugar syrup if you don’t have any vanilla. If you have opted for gin or vodka then add 10ml; if you have gone for a dark rum base then you only need 5ml. The syrup softens the drink and makes it smoother on the palate.

Sugar syrup is easy to make if you need to. Just add equal measures in weight of water and granulated sugar and bring to the boil. Let is cool and it will keep in the fridge for a month or so.

5. Next, 3 drops of chocolate bitters. This brings out the cocoa in the coffee and also adds to the flavour from X-Gin if you have it, if not don’t worry. This is a nice touch to show off but not essential.

6. Now you have all your ingredients in the shaker, add a load of ice. Seal it and hard shake it for 10 seconds. This shaking is what will give you a great foam on the top.

7. Double strain the martini into a classic martini glass and sprinkle some cocoa powder over the top to finish and enjoy!

Have a go at home and let us know how you get on. If you would like to know how to make any other classic cocktails, please leave your suggestions in the comments below and we look forward to hearing about your creations.

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