Whispering Angel - the World's most glamorous rose wine

Wine Spectator describe it as "Delicious, a remarkable effort" and Matthew Jukes goes as far as saying it is the "most glamorous pink wine on the planet! Absolutely stunning." So, naturally, not only did we have to try it for ourselves, but after doing so, we had to bring it to the bar.

This exceptional wine forms part of the Chateau D'Esclans portfolio of wines and the grapes are grown from some of the most sought after land in the region of La Motte en Provence in France. In fact, this wine is a blend of four choice grape varieties - Cinsault, Grenache, Rolle and Syrah and though the blend percentages are a secret, they do reveal that at least some of these grapes are aged in stainless steel barrels.

Where does the name come from?

The name 'Whispering Angel' is certainly memorable and is fitting to its pale pink colour and delicate flavours, but it was not inspired by what is in the bottle, but the chapel at Chateau D'Esclans. Above the alter at the far end of the chapel there is a statue on the wall of two angels with one nestling into the other, almost appearing to be whispering.

How is it made?

Everything about this wine screams attention to detail. They only harvest their select grapes between sunrise and noon and then they are sorted optically. Each grape is de-stemmed and slightly crushed between 7-8 degrees to avoid any oxidation. After crushing, both the free run juice and the pressed juices are vinified in stainless steel. Of course, everything is temperature controlled throughout!

Tasting notes

In the glass it is a pale salmon colour, very delicate and and translucent. It is a bright and pastel colouring and enticing to drink. It is leggy too down the side of the glass.

On the nose it is refined with fragrant fruit. Imagine a combination of different citrus flavours with a touch of strawberry and even perhaps a slight element of rosemary thrown in.

To taste it is light and cleansing and certainly difficult to drink slowly! The citrus is pronounced and backed up by ripe peach, grapefruit and strawberries. It isn't over the top with citrus though, a creamy sensation comes to the fore fairly quickly to balance the wine.

There is a long mineral palate to this wine that draws you back in and this makes it an extremely fun wine that you could easily drink all day, all year round.


We are stocking Whispering Angel in the bar for a limited time and is available as a medium glass, large glass, bottle and magnum. Whether it is a nice sunny afternoon or a chilly evening, this wine is a must try.

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