Our elements inspired tasting experience comes to you from the 5th Distillery in Barcelona, Spain. A guide through their three unique gins ffrom floral to sweet and then citrus all named after the elements of water, fire and earth.


This 5th elements gin tasting box comes with three very different gins, perfect to try different styles and flavour profiles. We deliver this complete with a bottle of tonic and garnish for each. Also included is a menu card outlining a history, story and tasting notes for each gin and an exclusive virtual gin tasting video, talking through each gin, directly from the bar. 


In this 5th Elements gin box, we include:


1. 5th Gin Water - A blue gin, symbolising water. This is floral and soft with infusions of rose water and violet petals along with juniper to give some great body.


2. 5th Gin Fire - This slightly sweet gin is made pink by the infusion of an array of pink, red and dark berries as well as a lovely undertone of liquorice.


3. 5th Gin Earth - A citrus heavy gin with notes of lemons, tangerines and grapefruits. With a yellow hue, this gin symbolises botanicals originating from the earth.



What is in the box?

1. 1x 50ml bottle of 5th Gin Water (42%)

2. 1x 50ml bottle of 5th Gin Fire (42%)

3. 1x 50ml bottle of 5th Gin Earth (42%)

4. 1x Double Dutch Skinny tonic

5. 1x Double Dutch Indian tonic

6. 1x Franklin Rhubarb & Hibiscus tonic

7. 1x juniper berries portion

8. 1x hibiscus flowers portion

9. 1x dehydrated lemon and grapefruit portion

10. 1x menu card

11. 1x Virtual gin tasting video link


Price excludes delivery


5th elements gin tasting experience for one