Dingle, winner of the World's Best gin 2019, from the Dingle Distillery in Ireland.


Everything about this gin oozes quality, from the refined shape of the bottle to the local botanicals in this floral gin. The trio behind this gin use local heather, hawthorn and bog myrtle to create a clean, crisp and sharp gin which will remind you of fresh mint and summer salads. They even use water from their own well below the distillery. 


We deliver this gin to you with 6 bottles of 1724 tonic, a premium tonic in keeping with the world's best gin. We garnish this with dehydrated orange and juniper berries and send you enough to create G&Ts at home whenever you wish.


Watch our 2 minute tasting review of Dingle Dry gin here:




What is in the box?

1. 1x bottle of Dingle Original gin

2. 6x bottles of 1724 tonic

3. 12x dehydrated orange and juniper berries portions


Price excludes delivery

Dingle perfect serve set

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